Hatch 1.19.5 allows you to pull in a page and transform it into a mobile page, this means you don’t have to build a special mobile site and/or duplicate any data that your main website already has.

The necessary transformation rules can be entered on the landing page. To get started, go to Settings, Landing pages and create a new landing page. Choose the “Mobilize existing page” type. Then enter rules as needed. Once you save, you see the URL in the list of landing pages. Click the URL to preview the page.

To add it to the page, you can try to detect if it’s mobile device and then redirect appropriately.

The available methods are listed here. This is the information a web developers needs. Feel free to contact us.


Remove all indicated elements, eg:

remove(“.//div[@class=’class1 class2′]/div[3]”);



Remove all elements with the indicated class name, eg:




Remove the element with the indicated Id, eg:



removeAttribute(xpath, attr)

Remove a specific attribute from the indicated elements, eg. to remove the style attribute from a specific div this could work:

removeAttribute(“./body/center/div”, “style”);


setAttribute(xpath, attribute array)

Set attributes to the specified elements, eg:

setAttribute(“.//center”, array(“style”=>”text-align:left;”));


insert(xpath, element, array)

insert elements at the end of the specified elements, eg:

insert(“/html/head”,”meta”,array(“viewport”=>”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0”));


insertAtBeginning(xpath, element, array)

insert elements at the beginning of the specified elements, eg:

insertAtBeginning(“.//div[@class=’class1′]”,”div”,array(“id”=>”hatch_contact_title_div”,”class”=>”ui-header ui-bar-a”,”data-role”=>”header”));



make all phone numbers clickable links, eg:

To get started, just create a new landing page, via settings.
For the most actual information, please refer to the documentation.