Category - Updates

Support for Anchor Mobile Text Messages

Version 1.19.7 includes support for Intella2 from Anchor Mobile. Car dealerships can let people text a unique number to a shortcode (a 5-6 digit phone number) to receive information about that car on their phone. Setup in 2 simple steps: Via the landing page settings in Hatch, you set the shortcode field. Via the Keyword management interface on Anchor Mobile, […]

Import leads

Version 1.19.6 allows you to import leads into Hatch from an excel file (.xls and .xlsx). Just go to the leads tab and in the sidebar you click “Import leads from File” to begin the process. You can download a sample file to help you get started.

Create mobile pages with Hatch (for developers)

Hatch 1.19.5 allows you to pull in a page and transform it into a mobile page, this means you don’t have to build a special mobile site and/or duplicate any data that your main website already has. The necessary transformation rules can be entered on the landing page. To get started, go to Settings, Landing pages and create a new […]

Support for ExactTarget

Hatch version 1.19.2 supports ExactTarget. This means that you can add any lead automatically to your ExactTarget email marketing campaigns.

SMS Replies and Automatic Lead calling

With  Hatch version 1.19.1, you can now not just automatically reply to text messages you receive, you can also personally reply via the view lead tab, either by email or via text message. Another feature that we added is the option to automatically setup a call between you and a lead, right after it comes in. This should dramatically increase […]